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4 people with hidden impairments


Hi I'm Chris I do the cartoon's for the hi2u site, my dad Andy is the owner of the site and had the idea for it in the first place. Here at my cartoon pages you can look through lots of the cartoons that I've drawn for the site.

Drawing of a sheep titled "The fight for sheeps rights!"  by Chris Hayes copyright

Although I haven't done many cartoons recently for the site I hope to start doing a fortnightly comic strip soon. The new comic strip will be a bit hush-hush for now and the characters are still in the last stages of being perfected. Quite a few of the characters are ones that I've been working on since around 1998 so it's pretty much going to be like my life's work.

Cartoon Drawing Tips
by Chris

Drawing of a sheep playing a guitar, by Chris Hayes copyright

Chris explains about his cartoon drawing techniques along with tips and drawings.

Talking To Concrete Cows Series:

“....talking to concrete cows!?” part 1
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Funny Farm
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Bob Released
(this will pop up in a new window)

Talking To Concrete Cows Out Takes:

TV Maniac!

Sheep Have Rights Too

Chris's drawing of Herschel

"To free the dragon"

A poem by Anna Evans whose dyslexic/dyspraxic. With drawing of dragon by myself.

I've also been doing cartoons for a national newspaper called Disability Now every now and then. I've got a page all about it here.

Chris In Disability Now

Wheels on Meals

If have any comments or suggestions about any of my cartoons or characters don't hesitate to e-mail me by clicking on the below e-mail address.



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