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 Could there be an alternative to reading and writing?

 Article by Andy Hayes



The infrastructure of society is held together with endless paperwork. As technology progresses these ribbons of paperwork multiply significantly. This is an obstacle for disabled people and particularly people with dyslexia difficulties. Society leaders often think the solution to this difficulty is to train people to enable them better abilities to cope with this endless mountain of paperwork. With the emphases on insisting that all children learn to read and write at school regardless whether they have dyslexia other learning difficulties or not. This is very stressful for people who have significant dyslexia difficulties.


I have often heard from many people within society that it wouldn't be practical or feasible to create an alternative for reading and writing to enable dyslexic people to participate within society on a level playing field. I find these type of statements most shocking. As I am well aware that alternatives do exist! The UK Highway code is magnificent, enormous amounts of information not interphase to drivers with reading and writing instructions however the use of logo pictures. That not only helps and enable dyslexic people to be motorists on the road. It also helps all other members of society driving on the roads and using the roads to access an enormous amounts of information extremely quickly without distracting the ability to maintain control of driving a vehicle. 


So not only is it possible to provide alternatives to reading and writing. These alternatives are very valuable for other members of society to use. It may be difficult to imagine creating a society that has a complete alternative to reading and writing. However society would not need much imagination to improve on its present facilities to help people with dyslexia that may also help many other members of society who can read and write.


Sometimes these alternatives are created by accident or for other reasons. Logos for government departments, businesses, education services and other sections of our communities. These logos can also be very valuable however they often come with a danger! Because these logos are often not static they keep mutating into different designs. Often a business or government department will redesign their logo time and time again. For those of you who can read and write easily imagine if you had to completely learn a new language every month and stop using the last language. You will probably think that is difficult. However it could be worse imagine picking up your favourite newspaper one morning to find that the story you're reading is randomly written in two different languages and the next day the story you're reading is in different languages again. That could be very difficult for society to cope with. So imagine how difficult it is for dyslexic people having to cope with logos that they rely on being re-designed differently on a regular basis. I'm sure many of you reading this have purchased a food line from a supermarket and when you got home realised it's not the product you thought it was. This mistake was made because the food label had been redesigned and misleads people who cannot read and write and people who don't have time to read label contents.


I'm sure by now you can imagine how valuable it would be to society. If the shape of education was designed to enable all members of society to be able to comfortably participate with. Not only creating a quality and easier access for all members of society to gain skills. This will also make society much richer with the opportunity for all to contribute their skills to the community they live within.


I have written this article with severe dyslexia using DragonDictate voice recognition software there may be mistakes. I am hoping this article will help members of society to influence the design and shape of society. Maybe able to help their imagination to shape society that will enable all members to participate with society. Then again we could just continue as we are and maybe society will drown itself in paperwork and create a deadlock environment! Use your imagination to see the bigger picture and find solutions to find a way around the obstacles.


Thank you very much for reading this article.


Article by, Andy Hayes 8th of January 2013 Copyright.


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