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Including web links of useful software complains and where you can obtaining some free software.


I have always thought technology through computers would provide valuable tools for dyslexic people. Enabling people with dyslexia to have an opportunity to participate with the world of written information and help with organising tasks. So this page is to provide information to help people find appropriate tools to establish solutions that will provide help for their difficulties. Andy


Mapping Software.

This type of software is useful for organising tasks, presenting ideas or projects and planning anything!

MindManager 2002
M-Urge Limited


4 pictures instead of words.

Software that uses pictures instead of works to create communication for those who have difficulties with words.

Widgit Software Ltd.
Software solutions for special needs.


Software Provided Free On Computer Magazines, in UK.

If not current magazine you may be able to obtain back copies.

PC Plus issue 211 January 2004
Mind Manager 2002SE. Mind Manager is useful software for managing ideas in a visual format. I have found this software fun to use for creating ideas that need much development. Well worth trying. Andy

Computer Buyer (UK) 142 March 2003
IBM ViaVoice (Standard Millennium Edition, version 7) Voice Recognition Software.

Computer Shopper (UK) 178 Dec 2002
IBM ViaVoice (Standard Millennium Edition, version 7) Voice Recognition Software.

PC Plus, issue 187 March 2002.
FineReader 4 Pro (OCR software)


Text to Speech Software.

This software can read text from your computer to you.

download Browsealoud.
Is text to speech software (developed by textHELP) that will work on enabled web sites. This is free for the end user i.e. web site visitors. However web site owners will have to pay to have their site enabled. The "hi2u 4 people with hidden impairments" web site is enabled. You can use the download button below to download this software now or if you wish you can visit our interim review report by using the following link.

Download Browsealoud, Interim (review)
by Andy Hayes.

Download Browsealoud

The text to voice browser that simply makes life easier.

Read Please.
Text to speech software.


Voice recognition software.

Enables you to dictate text documents to your computer and navigate around your operating system with verbal commander instead of using mouse.

This link is for IBM voice system support for UK. 

ScanSoft, USA web site.
Dragon NaturallySpeaking, voice recognition software.

ScanSoft, UK web site.
UK technical support 0870 2412126


Word prediction software.

As you start typing words, this software predicts what words your trying to use this software can be very valuable for dyslexic people some programmes include grammar checking and other tools.



This page is hopefully going to grow into a valuable resource for dyslexic people. If you have any information that you think would benefit being on this page, please feel welcome to contact me (Andy). You can find contact information through a link under the heading Essential Pages, you can find towards the bottom of this page.


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