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I'm Bored!!!

Drawing of a sheep feeling bored and creating a paper clip chain.  By Chris Hayes ©

Drawing by Chris Hayes ©

Typical me like others with AD/HD Iím always bored even when Iím busy! I guess you must feel this way too? So this page is to express whatís boring! Or perhaps finding some new things for us to fidget with! So why not share your thoughts with "bored me" and my visitors? Iím getting bored waiting for your response! Can you move it a little quicker and e-mail me your thoughts and ideas to make this page less boring and more fun! Thanks Andy


I'm bored something to do links!
or something like that!

Visit some pages on this site.
Send an Internet Greeting Card
With Drawings by Chris

Keeping Mad Keen
You wouldn't expect Adelaide La Blanche-Dupont to like swimming or music???
But, she does, very much. Find out why!!!

Search engine with a difference!

An amazing search engine with an incredible graphic mapping mechanism. Ideal for anyone who is bored to have lots of fun searching the Internet. Unfortunately this doesn't work with text to speech facilities. If you need text to speech use the next link.

kartoo (html version)

This version is in html and will work with screen readers and other text to speech facilities. However you lose the graphics and the visual fun of the main kartoo search engine.

Finding somewhere to visit - UK web links.
Days Out

An Internet directory of places to visit around the UK. You can specify category or a list of places in a specific town or city. Information about special requirements are also available.

Television UK web links.

Channel 4
Channel 5


Are you still bored?

Because I have a job for you to do!

You can write an article or something to share with others about things you do when your feeling board. Perhaps you have a story to tell that will be fun and interesting for other bored people to read. I don't need to spell things out to you! Do I? Us people who get bored try out all sorts of things and sometimes they go wrong or causes something really funny to happen. So tell us your story. However this must be family friendly as sometimes we have very young visitors looking around this site.

Oh just in case your wondering how much this job pays! Its absolutely nothing! That's right nothing not a single penny as all contributions to this site have to be in a voluntary capacity. But hay your bored aren't you? Isn't that why you are here? So why not give it a go and submit an article for this page or another page of the hi2u site.

Designer of I'm bored page of this site.



No one seems to be contributing ideas to go on this page so what should I do with this page? 

Maybe I will start telling you about things myself and Chris like to do or what we get up to!  For a start we both like our food!  And talking about food there's one place I must tell you about that we discovered when visiting Lincoln UK.  That is the big wok Chinese (Cantonese) buffet style restaurant.  You can eat all you want for just £4-99p!  Well that was the price last time we visited you can keep going back for more and more different things to try!  Fantastic fun they even have an ice-cream machine that you can help your self to (Chris loves this)!  Well if your visiting or in Lincoln and like Chinese food weather your feeling bored or not I can recommend this restaurant to you.  There telephone number is 01522 513818 booking is advisable as they get very busy on some days.


Well you have nearly reached the end
of the I'm bored page!


Once you have reached this sentence, this just about wraps it up for the I'm bored page! Yep that's it more or less your virtually at the end of this page. So thanks for visiting hope you found something for your boredom and I will say bye bye for now and hope your visit again soon.

Ending I'm bored page soon


























Are you still there?

Isn't this the end of the I'm bored page?

Are you still bored?

Haven't you got anything better to do?

Well that's enough of the questions!

If your still bored and still here the only thing I can suggest now is to fill out the form below to tell a friend about this page. You don't have to enter any details about which page your on because the form below will automatically give your friend a link to this page. So just fill in E-mail details and any message you wish to send.


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Night night it must be nearly morning now and you should have finished with this page a long time ago. Take care, Andy


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