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4 people with hidden impairments


ADHD is like an Hidden Impairment or Invisible Disability.

I am very keen to see established better recognition and equal opportunities for people who have invisible/hidden impairments. Both myself and my son have been diagnosed with AD/HD. I also have a physical impairment C.M.T., this has led me to recognise how much harder it is to get society to recognise invisible impairments like AD/HD and dyslexia.

There is much more recognition today by professionals understanding people with physical impairments needing to participate within the community like the rest of society members. However for disabled people with hidden/invisible impairments this recognition is much less. Many professionals refusing to accept that people with hidden impairments are disabled people too!

Sometimes disabled people with hidden/invisible impairments go to extreme lengths to hide their impairment. Why? Because society will often torture people with hidden/invisible impairments. This makes some disabled people very hidden within our society.

Iím determined to help established equal opportunities for people with hidden/invisible impairments to have full participation within society. How best I can help this progress is not clear to me at the moment. Maybe this part of my web site could help to establish support to other people or Organisations seeking this goal.

If you have any ideas to help achieve the recognition and support needed by people with hidden/invisible impairments pleased e-mail me with your views. I am particularly interested in sharing this site facility with those who have first hand experience.

Many thanks for taking time to read this! I will be hoping that you will be able to participate with moving this part, of this web site forward!

With warmest wishes, Andy


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