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 Jan Assheton RGN RSCN


“The most important things we can offer Children & adults with ADHD are: Love, Acceptance, Respect & Empathy… In the absence of these things all of the Other things you do are unimportant” Sam Goldstein


Coaching is proving to be the best way of working with people with ADHD. It is not counselling or Therapy –it addresses the wide range of challenges which ADHD presents especially where other approaches may have failed!

An ADHD Coach works in a similar way to what our concept of a Coach is already. They understand the condition – how to identify & barriers, how to identify skills & address deficits &…they look forward, not back! People with ADHD often feel overwhelmed every time they approach a task – for many sufferers this serves as a real block to getting things done. Coaches identify & prioritise difficulties such as chronic underachievement, organisation, low self-esteem, distractibility or anger management & work with clients towards planned Goals.

Coaches also are skilled in identifying the strengths of people with ADHD such as their artistic, sporting or I.T skills, their willingness to take risks, persistence & lateral thinking skills, ability to see things ‘in the round’, & their ability to multi-task.  Coach & Client agree on a contract, which involves the definition of when Goals will be reviewed & the responsibilities of both Coach & Client. 

Coaches instruct & practice new behaviours with Clients – they work with a wide range of people from all ages & backgrounds. Coaches act as a Cheerleader for their Clients – pushing them forward when things seem to ‘get stuck’ & advocating for them in difficult situations. The ultimate goal of a Coach is to have supported the Client in moving forward in their lives – having achieved identified goals, reached a stage when they no longer require the continued support of a Coach.

As a Coach in the North West - I work in a variety of areas such as Behaviour Management Coaching & ADHD awareness Training (for Parents & Professionals), Mentoring & Performance Coaching in schools to address Barriers to Learning, & One-to-one Coaching sessions for Adults & Young People. A plan to develop ADHD Coach Training in the near future is being developed. I work with & accept referrals from professional colleagues in Education, Health, Social Services & the Legal system. My clients come from all walks of life – from talented musicians, dancers, scientists & lawyers to six year-olds with ADHD & Aspergers & jobless 18 year-olds who have collected all the ‘baggage’ which often goes with undiagnosed & untreated AD/HD. Although most of my work is funded independently - more recently some of my Clients have been able to access funding for Coaching from the Health Service.

Coaching has been described as ‘having a personal trainer for your brain’ – many of my clients reach the stage where they no longer require weekly sessions & can sustain the changes they have made with a monthly email or phone call.

I am often asked what is involved in training to be a Coach - it has taken me over thirty years to acquire the skills & experience necessary to be able to tell other people how to manage their lives! There are very few ADHD Coaches in the UK & every Coach is different, we come from all walks of life & and bring a variety of skills & experiences to our roles. We all have one common goal – to support people with AD/HD & to help them to get on with their lives in the best way possible.

If you think that you have the skills & experience to become a Coach please contact REACH Coaching on 01704 879039 or jan@asshe.freeserve.co.uk

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