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So why are animals listed on the menu of this web site?

Well there are lots of reasons! People with hidden impairments often get teased and bullied by other members of society. Yet often people with hidden impairments have skills in other areas that enable some to become famous artists, singers, film stars and other entertaining professions that most of society love. Animals are also loved by most members of society yet many animals are abused and miss treated by many members of society. So maybe we have something in common!!!

If you have visited our old site you may have seen some of the many photos I have taken of rescued dogs. They all have good homes now and are loved so much and give so much joy to others. Unfortunately that hasn't always been so for them!!!

The "social model of disability" is basically making a statement that disability is not a medical condition that disabled people have. It's discrimination received by society preventing disabled people participating with society on equal terms because they have a medical condition. Sometimes discrimination can be unpleasant like calling people "unpleasant names" or perhaps worse. Discrimination can also be there just because society or individuals haven't thought that the actions they have taken within their organising and designing has not enable disabled people to participate. Whether discrimination is deliberate or accidental its still not much fun for disabled people or anyone else receiving similar treatment by society or any of its members.

I guess animals have a problem with equal opportunities too!!! With members of society causing cruelty to animals. However did you know that animals can give so much. Many people needing medical help often can't find the appropriate help and many members of society may argue about appropriate medicines that should or shouldn't be used. Many people turn to alternative medicines. However how many people say they are going to ask their doctor for a prescription for some "animal therapy"??? Not very often I would think!!! However animal therapy probably helps many people with their medical difficulties. So I'm very much hoping to explore information about the benefits of animal therapy towards helping people with hidden impairments. Perhaps a under recognised treatment.

Hay if animals can provide help and support for us isn't it only fair that I also use facilities on this web site to campaign against cruelty to animals?

Well I explain why animals are going to be featured on this site if you have any ideas or information that could be useful please get in touch.

With warmest wishes.



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