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4 people with hidden impairments


Approved by Schoolzone's team of independent education reviewers
Schoolzone Award
5 star rating.
25th October 2003

PsychNet-UK, Recommended Site Award.
PsychNet-UK, Recommended Site Award.
11th February 2003


The "Hi2u 4 people with hidden impairments" web site, has won over 25 awards. Something we feel very proud about! To see more awards we have won. Visit the award pages on our old site by clicking here.

Wired Patrol Kids Safe Site
Seal of Approval


Not so long ago we also receive the "Wired Patrol Kids Safe Site" Seal of Approval. We are also very proud of this achievement that provides us encouragement. It also provides us with reinsurance that our hard work is going in the right direction with our contribution to society.


 A surprise for March 2002


This site is "site of the month" on Stonethrow.co.uk   This site has also won their award showed below.  Truly recognition that this site is making a contribution to society.  Please click the Stonethrow Awards to visit their site and make use of their valuable resources.

Award this site has received from Stonethrow.co.uk

 Thank you Stonethrow for recognising our work.


Sometimes building and maintaining a web site can be much work! Sometimes one can ask oneself whether it's worth it! The above award won earlier this year is one of 3 Awards for "web site of the month awards" this site has won. That is not only recognition that this site is making a contribution to society. It also demonstrates that if you make an effort even goals that look un-reachable, may just be reachable!!! I have designed and maintain this site without being able to read and write. My goal was to make a contribution to society. I think I've reached this goal even though at the beginning it looked impossible. I hope this provides others with encouragement to pursue their goals. Not forgetting the contributions my son has made to this site! So he too, deserves much credit with this contribution to society. Along with all the input from many visitors who have made their contributions too.

Chris's drawings throughout this site have provided a fun aspect to this site that is often voicing serious difficulties. Chris has AD/HD and Asperger Syndrome, so I'm also hoping that Chris's drawings show that people with hidden impairments have terrific skills to contribute to society. Chris is inundated with requests for his drawing skills from, individuals, organisations and for publications. So I'm also hoping this will provide much encouragement for others.

I also recognise that this is just a beginning there is still much more work to do! I don't just mean re-editing the award pages from the old site and placing them on this new site. I am well aware of the enormous amount of work needed to ensure all members of society can be part of society and make their contributions that will enrich our lives for tomorrow.

29th September 2002


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