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4 people with hidden impairments


An animated drawing by Chris Hayes

Funny Farm

Due to technical difficulties there is a delay in showing you the continuing of Chris’s “concrete cows” cartoon.

Here at www.hi2u.org we are making every effort possible to restore the continuation of “concrete cows”

In the mean time Chris has put himself at great risk to gain access into the “funny farm” to draw some cartoon pictures of how Bob is coping in the “funny farm”

Chris has just come back with these cartoons drawings that you can see below.

We do apologise for these technical difficulties and hope to continue with Bob’s release from funny farm, within the next few days.


“talking to concrete cows!?” part 2 Funny Farm.  A cartoon drawing by Chris Hayes



Continuation of “Concrete Cows, Bob’s Release” will be showing here soon with a guest appearance of a new character.

You won’t want to miss this!


Continue With Part 3 "Click Here"

Back to concrete cows




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