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Many thanks for showing your interest towards contacting with reference to this site. This page is designed to help you find the best way for contacting or finding other ways to make a contribution to this website. I'm sure you are aware that information from visitors like yourself can be so valuable towards updating this site. However there is a limit to how much correspondence one can deal with. Therefore please take time to consider which one of the following ways will be the most appropriate for your enquiry or input of information.


Providing comments for existing articles.

If you would like to make a comment to an existing article on this site. Use the email address info@hi2u.org please make sure you quote the “article title” that you wish to make a comment on in the subject line. Also make it very clear that you are providing permission to publish on this site your comment with the article concerned. Please note only comments that seem to be appropriate and family friendly will be considered for publishing on this site. Articles that can have comments added to on this site, have a paragraph inviting comments underneath the article.


Contribute an article for this site.

Many of the articles on this site are contributions from others around the world. Contributions are always welcome providing they are family friendly and have a connection with the theme of this site or of interest to visitors. Please use the email address in previous paragraph. All the articles published on this site are provided as voluntary contributions.



If you would like to ask a question regarding issues voiced throughout this site please consider using the forum. You can always use the word "anonymous" instead of using your real name and you don't have to leave your E-mail address. If you are wanting to be "anonymous" please be careful not to leave personal information that may identify you in message. By using this forum you will give the opportunity for other visitors who maybe very knowledgeable to make a reply. Please use the following link to visit the forum.

Forum info page link.



You can follow Andy the web designer for this website using the following Twitter link. Tweets for encouragements are always welcome along with tweets with other information.

@andy_hi2u Twitter link


Other enquiries.

If you need to contact regarding any other issues to do with the "hi2u for people with hidden impairments" website. Please use email address mentioned earlier on this page under “Providing comments for existing articles.” or contact Andy with his direct email address if you have this.



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