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This page provides a contents list, with description and links to the main subject pages that will provide links to the rest of this site.


Hi2u home.
This is the main welcome page for this site. Providing links to information about this site. It is not the index page that visitors should first access from other site links or through the www.hi2u.org domain name.

About Hi2u.
Providing you with information about using the Hi2u site.

ADHD Pages.
This page has information that will enable you to learn more about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. There are links to articles regarding ADHD.

Animals Pages.
Looking at Animal Therapy that may support people with Hidden Impairments also known as Invisible Disabilities. Like ADHD, Dyslexia and similar differences along with other impairments.

Find out about the many awards this site has won. As the "Hi2u 4 people with hidden impairments" web site has already won over 25 awards. Something we feel very proud about.

People with hidden impairments may have amazing skills often within arts. On this page you can see and access some the work from the talented young artist Chris Hayes, who has ADHD and Asperger's Syndrome.

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With pictures and logos. This page is on going development work to improve navigation access for people who find text menus difficult. As this site develops its navigation options using logos and pictures the original menus will continue to be independent as the default menu. Logo and picture menus will be an optional choice starting with this page.

Disability Issues.
This part of this web site looks at issues that are of interest to a wider spectrum of impairments disabled people have.

Dyslexic Pages.
This is like the home page for the dyslexic pages. It provides the main menu and links to access all the dyslexic resources available on this site. Links to; articles, poems by dyslexic people, software information dyslexic people may find useful, useful resources for dyslexia and hopefully much more.

This page is the main page centred around education issues for disabled students. With links to articles and other resources.

I'm Bored.
It seems to be quiet common for many people with hidden impairments to say "I'm bored!" So this section of this web site is to be not so serious. Perhaps even a little silly! Hopefully to encourage others to participate and make contributions that will help people who are feelings somewhat "bored".

Kids pages.
Kids, or should I say young people, are a very important part of our communities. Therefore we are very keen to develop this part of this site for young peoples interest.

Lists all the main categories for finding links to other web sites.

News & Events.
This page will be listing news, events, research or anything else that is "happening" that is directly or indirectly of possible interest for people with hidden impairments. So items listed maybe of interest to people with different impairments.

Search This Site.
Searching facilities to help you find information on this web site.

Support Groups.
Here you can find information about many local support groups. At present this is listing groups in England UK, soon Scotland UK and international groups.

T&C Disclaimer.
You will find the terms and conditions / disclaimer with this link. Before using information on this site for yourself or others! You need to ensure you have read the terms and conditions / disclaimer for this site thoroughly and agree to these terms.

Visitors Input.
Visitors are more than welcome to make contributions to the "Hi2u 4 people with hidden impairments" web site. This page lists many articles provided by visitors.

What's New.
Here you can learn about new developments on this site. As from the end of December 2003, beginning of January 2004 this site will no longer be listing its regular updates.


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