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4 people with hidden impairments

Chris In Disability Now

A while back my dad got an e-mail asking whether or not I, Chris, would be interested in being interviewed for an article about Hidden Impairments for the Disability Now magazine. Of course I jumped at the offer like most kids would, during the interview I asked whether or not I could do a cartoon drawing for the article. They agreed to this so I did it, the article was later published, and that was that!

Anyway after that I got an e-mail from Disability Now asking whether I would be interested in doing a paid cartoon for them. This was extremely good news for me, it was great getting asked to do a paid cartoon for a national news paper.

The cartoon drawing for the article, by Chris copyright

The cartoon drawing (above) was showing the way many doctors and professionals don't seem to understand where hidden impairments are, and how to treat them. The drawing is my copyright.

Photo of me by Andy, copyright.

(Photo of Me [Chris] at twelve-years-old is taken by Andy [copyright].)

To see the article on Disability Now's archive of storeys click on the below link, however excuse them for putting at the bottom of it "Chris and Mike's website is at www.hi2u.org." when they should of put "Chris and Andy's website is at www.hi2u.org."

The Article On The Disability Now Website

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