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4 people with hidden impairments


As a disabled parent with multiple neurological impairments. Iím keen to use this web site to help establish better recognition and equal opportunities for all members of society to feel part of society. Disability issues, are starting to get very complex! While much lobbying goes on to secure services and equal opportunities for "disabled people". There is also much debate around appropriate terminology and weather all disabled people regardless of impairment is benefiting from the greater recognition society has today. There are many disabled people feeling that there needs are still not recognised or catered for within the disability movements. The pages/articles listed below is an attempt to voice issues for gaining access to enable better recognition. If you have any articles/stories you would like to have displayed on this web site please feel welcomed to E-mail me with details.

Many thanks
18th October 2002


Disability issues on this site.
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Is there something wrong?
by Jill Curtis

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Disabled parents
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Discrimination within the disability movements
Are Hidden Impairments Recognised Within
"The Social Model of Disability"???
Full equal opportunities for disabled people
Do we need the "disability logo" i.e. the wheelchair symbol?
4 Disability Links (UK)


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