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4 people with hidden impairments


Discrimination Within The Disability Movements.

 I find disability issues most interesting because I have, AD/HD and dyslexia along with physical impairment.  In the UK disability is seen as discrimination towards people that have an impairment.  This is called the "Social Model of Disability" however there are many people with medical conditions questioning whether the, "Social Model of Disability" is representing everyone's needs!

Discrimination is also interesting here too.  I can feel discrimination from many people with physical impairments towards my dyslexia.  Like wise I can feel discrimination towards my physical impairments from people with hidden impairments like AD/HD and Dyslexia.  So how do I begin to get this message across to people in hope of this somewhat unusual discrimination within the disability movements?  Well I'm not really sure what the answer is however I am trying to address this difficulty through the "hi2u 4 people with hidden impairments" web site.

I tend to think, discrimination within the disability movements, is a very difficult issue to even discuss with other disabled people.  Maybe we can all become so forceful in trying to highlight those issues that personally prevent us from participating within society that we don't leave enough room to ensure other peoples difficulties are fully recognised.

If you find this interesting too!  Perhaps you have some thoughts that you could share with myself and visitors to this site either by using the forum or by sending me an E-mail with your ideas.  I would welcome views from anyone however I would really appreciate views from other people with first hand experience.


I'm a voice recognition software user there maybe mistakes.


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