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    Welcome to the Hi2u Dyslexic Pages.

    This is like the home page for the dyslexic pages. It provides the main menu and links to access all the dyslexic resources available on this site. Links to; articles, poems by dyslexic people, software information dyslexic people may find useful, useful resources for dyslexia and hopefully much more.

    Dyslexic Pages
    Welcome message, by Andy


    Issues to think about.

    Understanding dyslexic people is greater than understanding their reading and writing difficulties. The following links are centred around issues that may need better recognition to create equality for dyslexic people. Also difficulties that dyslexic people face due to lack of understanding by others.

    Linking glue ear and dyslexia
    by Dr Lindsay Peer CBE

    Dyslexia and stress
    by Sue Bell, Basic Skills Curriculum Development Worker

    Hidden Impairments
    Looking at the social model of disability along with hidden impairments like dyslexia.

    Are Hidden Impairments Recognised Within
    "The Social Model of Disability"???


    Poems and Personal Stories

    by dyslexic people

    My Dog Scamps
    Story by Simon who has dyslexia and dyspraxia age 16.

    Dyslexia Success Story
    by Chris Fortey

    His new school completely accommodates his disability.
    by Rae

    Kelly's Story
    About dyslexia and being special.
    "Don't be ashamed you are different, so what? You're special too!"

    Why is the world like it is?
    Poem by Kelly O'Neill who is dyslexic.
    17 years old and a college student.

    Inherent Grace.
    An Award Winning Poem by Luke, copyright who has severe dyslexia.
    Composed by Luke when he was 12 years of age.

    To Free the Dragon
    A poem by Anna Evans, whose dyslexic and dyspraxic. 
    With drawing of dragon by Chris, whose ADHD and Asperger's.


    Software Pages

    4 Software Information
    Including web links of useful software complains and wear you can obtaining some free software.

    What is voice recognition software?

    DragonDictate Classic Version 3
    My favourite voice recognition software! By Andy Hayes

    IBM ViaVoice for Windows Release 9

    Education Issue
    Dyspraxia and mild Dyslexia, Voice recognition software (concerns) by Mary


    Web Links and Other Info

    What is the British Dyslexia Association?
    by Judith Stansfield, a BDA volunteer on the Computer Committee

    4 Dyslexic Web Links
    A list of links to sites for dyslexia organisations, charities, personal sites and other relevant sites for dyslexic people.

    Interesting Bits Of Info 4 Dyslexia.
    Web links for interesting bits of information that maybe fun, unusual, something amazing about dyslexia or just something of interest to dyslexic people.


    On going discussions!

    Some pages on this site have on going discussions where you can add your own comments. By completing a form or sending Email.

    Is there voice recognition software available for Linux?
    This discussion was started by Andy Hayes.

    Dyslexia and the Inner Ear
    (On going discussion).

    Disability Logo.
    Do we need the "disability logo" ie the wheelchair symbol? (On going discussion).



    Hi2u Forum.
    This is the main forum on the "Hi2u 4 people with hidden impairments" web site. Dyslexic issues are discussed on this forum along with ADHD and other impairments. Please feel welcomed to use this facility and make your contribution.



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