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4 people with hidden impairments

4 Education Issues
Disabled Students

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Education must be one of the most important issues to address for people with hidden impairments. There has been so much change within UK education services to provide inclusive education for all! Enabling disabled people to participate within mainstream schooling and participating within society as an equal. However many people with hidden impairments may not feel their needs are recognised or appropriate support provided to enable them to participate within mainstream education. So this page is design to provide some resources that maybe useful for people trying to establish more appropriate education for themselves or their children with hidden impairments. (I perhaps should use the terms like "children with special education needs" however I personally don't like the term "special needs"). Surely we are all people with different needs and perhaps all members of society should have their own "individual education plan" and not highlight some as being for "Special Needs". That would really be equality! As all members of society are different and have different needs.


Articles of interest on this site
The Importance of Homework in Your Child's Education
Dr. Sam Goldstein
Dr. Sydney Zentall
What Parents Should Know About Homework Assignments
Dr. Sam Goldstein
Dr. Sydney Zentall
Dyslexia and stress
by Sue Bell
Basic Skills Curriculum Development Worker
Semantic Pragmatic Disorder
Article by Babs
Mother to an 8 year old with SPD

Hi2u, recommend this article as a valuable insight to SPD that may well be of interest to teachers and other professions.
50 Tips On The Management
Adult Attention Deficit Disorder

by Edward M. Hallowell, M.D.
and John J. Ratey, M.D.
Education and Technology
by Adelaide La Blanche-Dupont

Education Issues for Dyspraxia and mild Dyslexia
Voice recognition software (concerns)
by Mary




Links to organisations and government departments that can provide you with support or valuable information towards gaining appropriate education in the UK.
Advice line from 2-5pm Monday-Friday for any question you may have about your child's education: 0808 800 5793
Alliance for Inclusive Education
Advice line: 0800-0184016 If you live in Scotland: 0131-4540082 If you live in Northern Ireland: 01232-705654
Network 81
A national network of parents working towards properly resourced inclusive education for children with special needs.
Help line, Monday to Friday 10 am to 2 pm: 0870 770 3306
UK Government Education Links
Department for education and skills.
Special Education Needs
Special educational needs code of practice 2001
Inclusive schooling - children with special educational needs
Special educational needs - a guide for parents and carers



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