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Attempting to open doors for people with hidden voices.


4 Dyslexic Web Links



Adult Dyslexia Organisation UK

www.ArtificialRelevance.com UK
Dedicated to bringing relevance to artificial intelligence, and artificial intelligence to you.

Bangor Dyslexic Unit

The British Dyslexia Association UK
98 London Road
Helpline: 0118 966 8271

Bristol Dyslexia Centre UK

British Dyslexics UK

Budesverband Legasthenie (BVL) Germany
German Dyslexia Organisation.
(This site isn't in English however I got reasonable translation to English using AltaVista search engine.)

Channel 4 Television - Dyslexia UK

(Dyslexia International Tools & Technologies) Belgium

Dyslexia In Adults.com

Dyslexia Research Group Germany
University of Marburg

Dyslexia support group, web site for Chorlton Workshop, a community adult education centre in south Manchester, UK

I Am Dyslexic UK

Leeds and Bradford Dyslexia Association UK

Leicestershire Dyslexia Association
This is a nice tidy web site to support dyslexic people in Leicestershire with resource information. There is also some interesting free downloads.

Nottinghamshire Dyslexia Association UK

Scottish Dyslexia Trust
Scotland UK

textHELP Systems Ltd

The Dyslexia Institute UK

World Dyslexia Network Foundation

World of Dyslexia

Dyslexia Teacher
Information and Resources about dyslexia for teachers of dyslexic children

Dyslexia Parents Resource
Information and resources about dyslexia for parents of children who are, or may be, dyslexic.

Dyslexia Adults Link
Information and resources about dyslexia for dyslexic adults.

Dyslexia College
Information and resources about dyslexia for dyslexic students at college or university.

Classroom Assistant
Information and resources about dyslexia for classroom assistants, learning support assistants, teacher's aides, etc.

Dyslexia Online Magazine
Articles and reviews about dyslexia.

Dyslexia Online Journal
Articles and research for professionals working in the field of dyslexia.

www.dyslexic.com (iANSYST Ltd Dyslectech) UK

University of York UK
(Centre for Reading and Language)

Useless Brain 2000



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