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4 people with hidden impairments

4 Search Engine Links

Disabled people like myself are often in need of information often that isn't easy to find. Search engines are the technology of today that have probably made a big contribution towards enabling disabled people to find information that's needed to secure their independents and participate within society.

People with hidden impairments can have added difficulties around finding needed information the Internet is a valuable source however only because of search engines capabilities.

The search engines listed below are the engines that I use. These are not listed in alphabetical order they are listed roughly in the order of my use of these search engines.


.com search engines for the www
MSN Search


Comet Web Search
HotBot Web Search
Ask Jeeves
KinderStart search engine
"Because Kids Don't Come With Instructions!"
UK search engines
Excite 4 UK
Google 4 UK
AltaVista 4 UK
UK Dogpile Search Engine
UK Children's Directory


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