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4 people with hidden impairments

Are Hidden Impairments Recognised Within
"The Social Model of Disability"???

Are hidden impairments recognised within the "social model of disability"? Generally organisations promoting the social model of disability, particularly self led organisations feel that it's important to steer away from referring to medical conditions and concentrate on the discrimination that people with medical difficulties are presented with. So with so much voicing that there isn't a need to use medical labels for disabled people means that much of the paperwork and procedures from services available are now trying to steer away from medical references individuals have.

Resulting in major difficulties for those members of society whose medical conditions are not getting noticed. If you look at people with dyslexia or ADHD you will often see they are seen as lazy or naughty rather than gaining recognition for their medical condition. With education and health authorities wanting to save money or other reasons this results in many not getting recognition or appropriate support for their impairment! Because of the pressure from many supporting "the social model of disability" saying its wrong to use medical labels prevents many people with Dyslexia and ADHD getting the recognition needed to be a "disabled person"! The person doesn't think they are disabled the think they are "lazy" or "naughty" because that's what they have been told throughout their life. The professional services are not recognising these people as "disabled people" maybe to save money maybe due to prejudice they have resulting with more hiding of these peoples medical condition. So they are not disabled people! Are they?

Is this important? Well I certainly think it is very important because there has been so much movement towards "disabled people" being part of an inclusive society over the last 20 years. We now see mainstream schooling available within the UK for disabled people. However naughty children are expelled from school! Why because they are not "disabled people" yet many have a medical impairment and while this impairment may not directly course "being naughty"! It may display with naughty behaviour because society perhaps through education defined rules and conditions that children have to fit in with. Unfortunately people with some of these hidden impairments are unable to fit in with these procedures and rules without appropriate support. Resulting in what looks like naughty behaviour from the child and parents being blamed for not bringing their children up properly.

All this because of the medical condition being hidden so as I've said so many times "it may not be important what the medical reason for someone using a wheelchair to understand the needs to design for wheelchair users" however maybe there is a need to know that medical condition that "a naughty child has" because then that child wouldn't be naughty! They would be recognised just like other "disabled people". So is the "social model of disability" causing discrimination within the disability community. Well I certainly think the social model of disabled people need to make appropriate adjustments to ensure people with hidden impairments aren't kept hidden! What do you think? Would you like to add your views here if so, E-mail me your views.


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