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Attempting to open doors for people with hidden voices.


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This page was started in the early days of designing this website. However with the many changes within technologies used for website building. The original search facilities are no longer in use on this site. Therefore looking at ideas for providing accessible search facilities for the future. If you would like to provide some feedback that you think may be useful towards influencing the design for searching this website. Please feel welcome to get in touch using details available through the contact info, link available towards the bottom of this page. In the meantime information with links is available below which may help you information available on this site.





This page provides a contents list, with description and links to the main subject pages on this site site.

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With pictures and logos. This page is on going development work to improve navigation access for people who find text menus difficult. As this site develops its navigation options using logos and pictures the original menus will continue to be independent as the default menu. Logo and picture menus will be an optional choice starting with this page.









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