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4 people with hidden impairments


"You don't look sick!"
 by Shirley
I can fully empathise with all people with neurological illness, I have a daughter with ADD and a husband with ADHD, but have you ever stopped to think, how many other disabilities/diseases are not apparent to the casual observer. I have several chronic lung diseases - I'm supposed to have died long ago, ( according to the doctors), but I'm still going. I don't get out much and so a chat program and or forum are the ideal place for me to be "normal". The computer is my contact with friends and the "outside world". I can talk as much as I like without having to come up for air. I have a brain in my head and have opinions on things, but often just stay silent either because I know I haven't the breath or that I'm wasting my time. When I am out people often tell me that "You don't look sick!" Which in one way I am pleased but in another they appear to be accusing me of making it all up, if only they knew how my health dictates my family's activities. It would be good to hear from other people, with chronic health problems, that aren't apparent to outsiders. We all have good days and bad days, why not share them with others that can, at least have some understanding of where you are coming from.
Luv Shirl
Copyright Shirley
received 10th February 2002

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