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 My life with Asperger’s.

 by Michael Sean Carbery, Age 21


My life with Asperger’s age 21,  I have always never felt completely in place I was always was somewhat in odd ball easy to be distracted and family at my house  like for an example they were always negative when I was younger like 7 we had lived in a trailer park and I would want to run away because I did not feel in place and was not cared I sometimes wanted to just kill myself because I felt out of place and unwelcomed and adding to that mix was that my dad was a truck driver and still is so no support there so in high school I had got made fun of quite a bit, in science class the teacher had an oil mixer with food coloring

Water bottle I would throw it up in the air then Abel to catch it every time or pen clicking people hated my bad nervous habits or "stim" I kept my mind occupied. I have no true friends every one make fun of me I just chose to stay away from allot of people I have a thing if you negative to the way I am I stay away from that person, people with Asperger’s can't stand negativity.

And the way I think is I’m a hands on person, I work on computers for a hobby i plain on going in to college for it but people say I could not I so badly want to say to them watch me and secede there has been people with Asperger and still succeed look at bill gates for an example he was told he was going to be a failure and look at his work now still continues on Evan though he might be dead so don’t underestimates Asperger’s we might be sensitive and like our set routine and it not messed with or for some of us being hugged or touch but all of us have our thing in this world.

And people with Asperger’s have a very good memory for things just have problems communicating certain thing because we don’t know how I hold in a lot because not known how to tell people and again lack of social cues

Hope this helps people explain to new autistics or Asperger people

Michael Sean Carbery

This article was received on the 24th November, 2012




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