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Your Input

This page is designed to explain the many different options available for people like yourself wishing to provide material suitable for displaying on the hi2u site. I.e. how you can participate with the contents of this site and provide your views, articles, ideas, information, research papers, poems, art or something else. Contributions to this site must be "family friendly" and not cause discrimination towards any members of our societies. You also need to ensure you provide material that is your own work. I by submitting work to be displayed on this site is also confirming that you have the legal ownership of this material and are providing permission for this material to be displayed on the "hi2u 4 people with hidden impairments" web site. You also give permission for the information to be displayed on additional sites that belong into the same family of web sites or should this site change its name the information may remain.

The "your input" page is not necessary complete with all the information about all the ways of participating with this site. This page will be updated from time to time to provide newer information towards your participation.

All articles and other contents contributions to this site need to be provided in a voluntary capacity. There maybe opportunities in the future when this site may consider providing prizes for winners of competitions to encourage input perhaps on specific issues. Should this opportunity developed it will probably be in cooperation with voluntary sector organisations perhaps with donations from businesses for suitable prizes.

You are most welcome to use the forum on this site to discuss issues in connection with this site. You can always use this forum to ask questions or highlight issues you feel strongly about. If you wish to remain anonymous then please enter "anonymous" in stead of your name. You don't have to leave your E-mail address. If this is the case please be careful not to provide information that could identify who you are. Please use following link to enter the forum.



Guest Book
If you would like to provide some encouragement and offer your best wishes for the progress of this site. Please consider using the guest book with the following link.

Guest Book


Link exchange.
If you wish to exchange web links with this site please E-mail details of your site for our consideration. Your site needs to be family friendly and not cause discrimination towards any members of society. Generally we are keen to exchange links with private voluntary run sites and voluntary organisation sites. That do not use the site for creating income through advertisements or sales. However other sites maybe considered if they are providing valuable information or supply services that are specifically relevant for people with hidden impairments or other disabled people. E-mail details are available on the following link.

Contact Info

News and events
this site has a page for news and events. The main concept of this page is to provide information of news or events that would interest visitors particularly those who have an interest for people with hidden impairments. If you are a voluntary organisation and have an event planned and would like this site to display details. You are most welcome to provide details by E-mail. Similarly if you have a news story perhaps of services or equipment available for people with hidden impairments and or other impairments please feel welcome to E-mail details. Its unlikely that information will be displayed for commercial companies however maybe considered if event or services appear to be particularly relevant and valuable to people with hidden impairments or other impairments. Please use following link for E-mail details.

Contact Info

Research papers and other articles.
There is much academic interest with issues raised on this site. Therefore if you have a paper or article that you feel would be valuable for visitors of this site. Please do not hesitate to E-mail details. If you are researching issues and think visitors of this site may be able to support your work. Please feel welcome to E-mail details about research info you wish displayed on this site. If you are someone with first hand experience of hidden impairments, carer, professional or someone else wishing to submit article to this site you are most welcome to do so. Please visit following link for contact info.

Contact info

Support group
If you would like to add information about your support group to this site. Please use the "add your support group" form using the following link.

Add Your Support Group

Your "ideas" and our thanks for your support.
I would also welcome ideas you may have for ways of improving this site. However please remember that it's difficult trying to please everyone. I'm trying to create a site at his comfortable, fun, easy to find your way around, serious, without discrimination and family friendly. To help create better recognition for difficulties faced by people with hidden impairments also known as invisible disabilities. At the same time having to find ways of designing this site with my own hidden impairments. So please try and support this site in a positive way towards helping society to understand it's members and enabling others to participate within their community.

Many thanks for your support.

With warmest wishes, Andy
31st July 2003






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